In line with our commitment to uphold ethical and sustainable practices, RAIS INDUSTRIES is committed to recycling and reducing waste in Australia. The fact is that millions of tons of second hand clothing end up at the land fill where it does not decompose.

Part of RAIS Industries commitment is to reduce land fill and recycle second hand clothing in Australia so that it can be exported to countries that can make good use of the items and that need it most. Most of the used clothes that make it to land fill more than 70% can be reused.

Australia is a country where people are more fortunate than most of the countries around the globe. Majority of people in Australia can afford to buy new clothing every week and there for the old clothing needs to be disposed. RAIS INDUSTRIES has created ways of collecting the unwanted Australian used clothes straight from people’s door steps by having their own collection service straight to their factory in Brisbane Australia.

From there it is further sorted to ensure it is to a standard for export. It is than sold to merchants that are operating their own stores or stand on the road side selling to make income for themselves and their families. This in turn also creates employment opportunities for locals and also encourages small villages to operate shops to help the community to access quality second hand clothes for a reasonable price.

In a whole scheme of things a little of your unwanted clothes that would normally get disposed of into the land fill, now does make a big difference in someone else life.