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If you have ever thought of buying timber or hardwood for your construction needs, you would know how tough it can be at times. Choosing between ROSEWOOD, KWILA, VITEX and more requires real knowledge of the grade and type of timber available in the market. While it might seem tough, it’s not as tough as you think. The first thing that you should do when you are choosing a timber merchant is to call them on phone and discuss with them. Alternatively, you can also choose an awarded timber merchant like Rais Industries.

Depending on your requirement, there are different categories of timbers available in the market. Take a look at the most common one.

Sawn Timber

This is obtained from logs and is cut into different shapes for different purposes. It can not only be circular in shape, but also wedge shaped. Some of the most used forms of sawn timber include timber beams, which are rectangular, or wedge shaped.

Joinery Timber

As the name suggests, this type of timber is obtained by joining two pieces and then smoothed to provide with a shiny outlook. They are great for building shelves, or furniture.

Specialist Timber

These are a special variety of timber, which is used for special purposes. You can use it to build scaffoldings, or even as platforms for scaffold boards or to step on. They are hardy and stout and can last for a long time compared to other forms of timber.


This type of timber or wood is used to make wooden floors. You can either use them to create new floors or replace your existing ones. They are dried in kilns to provide with the extra straightness and stability.

Among the types of timbers mentioned above, some have different subcategories. For example, the joinery timber is of two types, namely PSE rosewood and PSE whitewood. Each of them comes with a different set of characteristics, which make them useful. Make sure you know the different characteristics, before you choose a certain type of timber.

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